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Manufacturing Technique Of PCD Tipped Straight Router Bit

September 28, 2021

The PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tipped straight router bit ( produced by our company is of excellent quality & nice price.

In addition to the production of regular-sized straight router bits, we also provide customized services. Because many customers need their own size, so CUSTOMIZED SERVICE is an important feature of our company. You can customize any combination of cutting edge diameter, shank diameter, flute length, and over all length of straight router bit. And also we can paint the cutting edge part according to the customer's preference for the color of the straight router bit.

The cutting edge of straight router bit is made of 0.2 micron ultra-fine particle PCD raw material produced by ELEMENT SIX (DE BEERS). The material is characterized by ultra-high hardness, high surface finish of the processed wood and less burrs.

The straight router bit’s body is made of heat-treated and tempered steel, which has high hardness and strength. In the high-strength machining process, the body is not easy to deform.

The welding process is silver welding to ensure that the cutting edge will not be unwelded and cause personal injury under high-strength working conditions.

We use two-steps grinding processes to make straight router bit, namely rough grinding(cutting edge shaping) and finish grinding(cutting edge sharpening). Finish-grinding is finished on the VOLLMER QXD 250 6-axis grinding machine or VOLLMER VPULSE 500 5-axis slow-feeding CNC wire-cut machine to make sure cutting edge of straight router bit super-high precision.